Founder's Message

“Nurturing Happy Aspirants” is the motto of VS Happyskool. As the name suggests, HAPPINESS is the driving force of our school. In today’s world, education is not confined to classroom learning and theoretical pursuits. The competitive world demands the students to be equipped with leadership qualities, effective communication abilities, human resource management techniques, better time management, sports skills, etc.

Our institution aims at providing a unique learning experience which would prepare the students to become competent, self-reliant, quality-conscious and socially responsible citizens.

Founder of VS HappySkool

The undercurrent of all these aspects is discipline with knowledge which is our prime focus. Through the holistic, value-based and skill-based education, our students are equipped with diverse skill sets and are ready to take on the challenges of this modern world.We, the management are deeply indebted to all the parents of our students who have reposed a tremendous faith in entrusting the future of their children into our hands. We are ever vigilant to fulfill this expectation in all earnestness. We remind ourselves of this age-old Chinese adage.

“When planning a year, plant corn,
When planning a decade, plant tree,
When planning for life, train and educate people”