The Learners certainly venture into Grade One with a class of subjects, for example, Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Yoga) are incorporated into the educational modules. The concentration of our Primary Program is to help youngsters build up their characteristic interest. Our program helps us in making an immaculate learning condition empowering us to shape the innovative youthful personalities.


The program sees the youngster as an explorer and an inquirer making them free learners with upgraded skills and investigating aptitudes. The emphasis here is to draw out the Learners innate aptitudes through theoretical learning in Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Social Studies coordinated through theme based learning. Physical Education, Performing and Visual Arts frame an essential piece of the Curriculum.


Instead of compartmentalizing learning by subject; we promote investigate content inside the request. Understudies here will concentrate on upgrading and reinforcing methodologies like Comprehension, Listening, Reading and so forth. They begin distinctly watching approaches to take care of Mathematical issues. Investigation into Science and Social Science is profoundly encouraged. Their interests and imagination are streamlined in Visual and Performing Arts and in addition Physical Education.


Learners have cruised through the early years of primary education and are prepared to investigate various standalone subjects. Our syllabus comprehends the interconnectedness of various subjects through investigating ideas, thoughts, and issues of nearby and worldwide essentialness. In doing as such, they gain in depth learning and create understanding over variety of concepts. They will make their own portfolios; pick and choose their inclinations keeping their folks in the center point of their learning.


The desire to question is upgraded and enhanced . We encourage our students to comprehend, value their own particular societies and histories and to be interested in the points of view, qualities, and customs of different people and groups. Our Learners are looking for more and assessing different perspectives, before framing their conclusion about a specific point. We urge them to be inquisitive and explore new roles and new ideas. These aptitudes, when sharpened leaves the learners prepared to enter any stream or any school around the world.